Recruiting: Q&A with 2016 Florida Gators LB signee Vosean Joseph

We know the recruits who signed up to be part of Florida’s 2016 class by now. But we don’t know a lot about each individual yet.

Vosean Joseph (Photo by

Vosean Joseph (Photo by

We got the chance to sit down with one of them. Miami-Norland linebacker Vosean Joseph talked about his decision to sign with the Gators and just how close Alabama came to flipping him, among other stuff.

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Joseph plans to enroll at Florida in time for summer workouts.

What has Joseph been up to since the end of his high school football season? He’s been working out at Fast Twitch, an elite training facility in Miami, as part of a program offered to some of the top high school football players in South Florida.

Here’s our Q&A with Vosean Joseph …

Question: How has participating in the Fast Twitch program helped you?

Answer: “It has helped me a lot. Actually, I’ve dropped my 40 time a lot. Right now, I’m running a 4.80. I was running like a 5-flat because my knee was banged up. They’ve strengthened up my knee. It’s really helped me. I’ve gotten more explosive.”

Q: You tore your MCL during your senior season, right?

A: “I sprained it. 50 percent was torn. I only missed two games. I wasn’t trying to get it messed up even more and mess up my college chances. My coaches told me just to chill out and rehab it.”

Q: Do you feel confident with that knee right now?

A: “I’ve very confident in it. I’ll be ready to go. I played in two all-star games since my knee injury. I played in the USA vs. Canada game and the local Private vs. Public game.”

Q: Have Gators coaches brought up early playing time to you with the team’s questionable depth at the LB position?

A: “Yeah. They told me that I just got to go up there and bust my butt. I just have to work hard. Jarrad Davis is like one of my mentors. I really look up to him, so if anything I’m going to just follow him and try to take his spot [laughs out loud]. It don’t matter.”

Q: Which college or NFL linebacker do you compare your game to?

A: “I compare myself to Vosean Joseph. I’m my own guy. I don’t really like to say another guy. Every time people be asking me who my favorite linebacker is, I say me. I don’t like to see myself as the same as another person, I rather see myself as better than them. I try to work hard and be better than them.”

Q: So how would you describe your playing style?

A: “Explosive playmaker.”

Q: What is something you feel like you need to work on when you get to Florida?

A: “I want to work on tackling and reading plays easier and really just understanding the offensive schemes that we play against.”

Q: What impressed you about Florida, Jim McElwain and his staff during the recruiting process?

A: “They keep it real with you. They tell you how it is. They won’t go behind the bushes on you. They don’t sugarcoat nothing.”

Q: How big of an impact did Gators linebackers coach Randy Shannon, a Norland grad, have on your commitment to Florida?

A: “A big impact because not only am I playing for basically my home school and staying in Florida, but for a guy to come to my school and go down the same road as me, to follow his path is good. He understands where I’m coming from. In Miami, it’s kind of difficult for us. All we really know is football and trying to make it out of here. He understands that.”

Q: How close were you to signing with Alabama?

A: “Close. I was very close. Thank God I scheduled my Florida visit for last because honestly if I would have visited Alabama last, I probably would have ended up at Alabama. Every school has it set up for you to want to go to their school. For me, I knew that Florida was home from Day 1. But I just wanted to finalize it by putting them last and taking my other officials first. So when I went to Alabama, I fell in love with it. It’s Alabama. I went up there and I fell in love. I was just thinking in my head, ‘I might end up committing to Alabama.’ But I stopped myself because I knew I had to go to Florida the next week. When I went to Florida, they treated me with a lot of respect and they respected that I went to Alabama. They didn’t try to push me to come. They respected me and they understood where I was coming from. At the end of the day, I just picked what was best for me.”

Q: When did you make your final decision?

A: “The day before signing day. I just prayed about it, and I just went over my pros and cons and Florida was right there so I just said I’m staying home.”

Q: One of your high school teammates, OT Kadeem Telfort, is committed to Florida’s 2017 class. What should we know about him?

A: “He’s one of the most aggressive guys I know. As an underclassman, he makes me work. He’s really aggressive and he’s the captain of the offense.”

Q: Are in you Kadeem’s ear to make sure he sticks with the Gators?

A: “Telfort’s not going anywhere. He’s going to Florida.”

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